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Iran issues fatwa against AI

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In an extraordinary move, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa against artificial intelligence, calling it “satanic”. Anyone using the rapidly developing technology would be punished by hanging, Iranian officials said.

Hyperallergic obtained the full text of the fatwa, signed by Ayatollah Khamenei yesterday March 31:

In the name of God the merciful, the compassionate,

We come from God and to God we will return:

I inform all righteous Muslims in the world that a new satanic technology aims to replace the creation of Allah the all mighty.

I call on all Muslims wherever they are in the world to refrain and fight against all forms of artificial intelligence as they now insult the sacred beliefs of Muslims. Whoever is killed in this cause will be a martyr, God willing. Any person or group propagating this devil worship will be punished for their actions.

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,

Ali Hosseini Khamenei

According to Iranian media, the move was spurred by the widespread dissemination of a queer interpretation of the Quran written by an AI chatbot.

This is the first time in history that the Islamic Republic has issued a fatwa against a non-human entity. In 1989, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa ordering Muslims to kill British-Indian-American novelist Salman Rushdie and put millions of dollars on his head for his 1988 book. satanic verses.

Countries around the world have denounced the recent fatwa, including the United States. “Once again, Iran’s extremist regime is choosing fear over progress, nooses over keyboards,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said at a press conference today. to the White House.

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