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curator Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel on her greatest influences

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The Art Newspaper: If you could live with just one piece of art, what would it be?

Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel: Probably a painting by Hilma af Klint or Leonora Carrington, because we are never done discovering the worlds hidden there.

What cultural experience changed the way you see the world?

The research I did for a show called The Edge of the Worlds at the Palais de Tokyo, which took me around the world to meet creators who did not call themselves artists but who produced what I believe to be works of art. I met Bridget Polk, who after experiencing the Depression devoted herself to balancing the rocks on the bank of the Hudson River, building these seemingly impossible but magical sculptures as a way to tame the chaos. I also encountered the research of Carlos Espinosa, who invented mist catchers, amazing and beautiful structures that would capture invisible water and return it to the most arid regions. During these research trips, I escaped armed attack, broke a tooth, experienced an earthquake and much more, but I would do it again because it changed the way I see art.

Which writer or poet do you come back to the most?

Etel Adnan [the Lebanese-American poet and artist], for his lifelong trust and love for the world. Also Ocean Vuong [the Vietnamese-American poet], who writes as one would dance. I was really impressed and inspired by his novel On Earth, we are briefly beautiful— a beautiful invitation to acceptance and resilience.

What music or other audio do you listen to while you work?

I listened to the artists who played at the Closer Music festival in Lafayette Anticipations [in January], in particular Voice Actor and Caterina Barbieri. Voice Actor released an album consisting of 110 tracks, Sent from my phone, which is a journey into his mind, his perspectives and his dead ends. Caterina Barbieri’s music is also a journey, into worlds of contemplation where she seeks states of ecstasy.

What do you watch, listen to or follow that you would recommend?

I recommend meditation, for the way it helps to look at and listen to ourselves. And the podcast Death of an artiston [artist] The death of Ana Mendieta and the silence that followed.

What is art for?

We develop.

Beyond: Rituals for a New World, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, February 15-May 7

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