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Exploring a World of Interpretations: The Artistic Journey of Ruth Poniarski

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Meet Ruth Poniarski, a passionate artist whose journey began in the realm of architecture, earning a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in 1982. However, her heart yearned for a more expressive medium, leading her to embrace painting in 1988. This shift allowed Ruth to challenge her imagination and develop a distinct style that weaves myths, culture, philosophy, and literature into her surreal paintings, offering a myriad of interpretations to her viewers. Moreover, in 1995, she enhanced her art by crafting thought-provoking poems that accompany each painting, adding another layer of depth to her creative expression.

Adam’s Ribs, The First Supper

One of Ruth Poniarski’s remarkable art pieces is “Adam’s Ribs, The First Supper.” The painting portrays clones of Eve, born from Adam’s rib, gathered around a table in celebration of “Adam.” The child holds up the forbidden fruit, symbolizing Eve’s acquisition of knowledge beyond the confines of the garden of Eden. Under the harvest moon, the characters seem to question reality while developing an eye for history, knowledge, and enigmas.

Ruth’s brushstrokes create a compelling narrative, intertwining the story of Adam, Eve, and her own experiences. This captivating artwork encourages viewers to reflect on the complexities of existence and the interplay between wisdom and mystery, chronicles and interpretations.

Limbo, Journey of the Self

In another intriguing piece, “Limbo, Journey of the Self,” Ruth Poniarski explores the concept of self-discovery and transformation. The painting portrays her old and modern selves as she sails between two worlds – one familiar and another unfamiliar, representing the known and the feared. It symbolizes the journey of shedding the old self while retaining the wisdom of historical experiences, embodied in the older version of herself.

Within the artwork, Ruth contemplates the conflicting questions that arise during the process of change and renewal. The painting serves as a threshold between her past and future, guiding her towards uncharted frontiers where answers to life’s purpose await discovery. It is a poignant reflection of the human quest for identity and the transcendence of time.

Through her artistic journey, Ruth Poniarski has embraced her background in architecture to develop a unique painting style that offers a realm of interpretations. Her surreal creations blend myths, culture, philosophy, and literature, inviting viewers to ponder profound themes. Accompanied by her evocative poems, Ruth Poniarski’s art provides a deeper understanding and an opportunity to explore the human experience.

“Adam’s Ribs, The First Supper,” and “Limbo, Journey of the Self” are testament to Ruth Poniarski’s introspection and her commitment to art as a means of storytelling. By engaging with her work, we find ourselves contemplating our own place in the grand tapestry of life, inspired by her artistic vision and thought-provoking expressions.



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