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LSU School of Art awards the highest MFA scholarships in the southern United States

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In support of the opening of the newly renovated 75,000 square foot Barnes Ogden Art & Design Complex studio arts buildings at Louisiana State University (LSU), the school has 15 new graduate assistantships rewarding MFA students in all areas of studio art. These include ceramics, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture, as well as digital art, graphic design and interdisciplinary practice. Funded at $23,000 per academic year (and with a full tuition waiver), these 20-hour assistantships represent the highest stipends available in the US South, competing with some of the largest programs in the country.

MFA in Studio Arts students have the opportunity to individualize their studio practice, allowing them to pursue their vision alongside an international faculty of professional artists, designers, and scholars. LSU School of the Arts offers individual and collective studios; study abroad opportunities in Ireland, Italy, the UK and beyond; and exhibition space in our galleries and venues across the region.

The deadline for applications for the second call to the LSU School of Art is April 15. Exams begin immediately.

To learn more and apply today, visit design.lsu.edu.

Known for its unique and delicious cuisine, quirky creative culture, and extraordinarily friendly people, Louisiana has something for everyone, especially artists, designers, and scholars.

The heights above the Mississippi River present a landscape, climate, history and culture perfectly suited to the artistic temperament. Here, students develop their talents and hone their vision in a setting that provides fertile ground and unlimited material for active imagination. Baton Rouge represents the best of Louisiana’s vibrant culture and serves as a base for exploring the region.

The Baton Rouge area enjoys a semi-tropical climate allowing for year-round cultural festivals and activities with mild, short winters, fabulous waterfalls and glorious springs. The regions of southern Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Delta are an invaluable resource for creative minds.

Louisiana has arguably one of the most colorful histories and fascinating cultures of any state in the United States. Where can you visit the battlefield where a ragtag group of soldiers repelled a British invasion with the help of a notorious outlaw pirate? Visitors can find some of the most interesting parts of American history right here in Louisiana. THE LSU Art Museumthe Ogden Museum of Southern Art and countless other museums, art galleries, and cultural/historic sites offer a lifetime of learning in Louisiana.

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