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Podcast | A Radiohead special: We talk to Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood about their upcoming art exhibition

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This week: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on their collaborative art, Wayne McGregor on his new choreographic work – a collaboration with the late Carmen Herrera – and Whistler’s Mother returns to Philadelphia.

Stanley Donwood x Thom Yorke’s How to disappear completely (2021).

Courtesy of Christie’s and TIN MAN ART

Ahead of an exhibition of their work in London in September, we chat with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood, who have created the artwork with Yorke for every Radiohead album since 1994, as well as the visuals accompanying Radiohead’s solo records and side projects. Thom—including recent records from The Smile—about their collaboration.

From left to right: Carmen Herrera and Wayne McGregor

A new work for the UK’s Royal Ballet by choreographer Wayne McGregor premieres at the Royal Opera House in London on June 9. Untitled, 2023 is a collaboration with Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera, developed before Herrera died last year at the age of 106. We chat with McGregor about the piece and the intersection between visual art and choreography.

James Abbott McNeill’s Whistle Arrangement in gray and black (Whistler’s mother) (1871)

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

And the work of the week from this episode is one of the most famous images in the world: Arrangement in gray and black, better known as Whistler’s Mother, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler. It is part of an exhibition called The Artist’s Mother: Whistler and Philadelphiacurated by Jenny Thompson, and we talk to Jenny about the work and the exhibition.

• Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood: The Crow Flies will be at Tin Man Art, Cromwell Place, London in September – exact dates to be confirmed, visit tinmanart.com.

Untitled, 2023 is at the Royal Opera House in London until June 17, as part of the triple program with Corybantic Games, a tribute to Leonard Bernstein by Royal Ballet artistic associate Christopher Wheeldon, and a revival of Anastasia Act III by Kenneth MacMillan .

• The artist’s mother: Whistler and Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of ArtJune 10-October 29.

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