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Podcast | Hong Kong is back in force: Art Basel is back and the M+ museum is making waves

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This week: Art Basel Hong Kong Bounces. After cancellations, delays and two years of restricted fairs, the fair has returned to something like pre-Covid normality. So while other Asian art centers like Seoul and Singapore are becoming increasingly influential, how is the atmosphere in Hong Kong? Gareth Harris, Contributing Editor at The arts journaljoins us to discuss the fair, the M+ museum and more.

Courtesy Do not delete the art

It is becoming increasingly clear that social media companies have become self-appointed cultural gatekeepers who decide which works of art can circulate freely, be pushed into the digital margins or even banned. Our Live Editor, Aimee Dawson, talks to artist Emma Shapiro and Elizabeth Larison, director of the US National Coalition Against Censorship’s Arts & Culture Advocacy Program, about the issue and a plan to counter it. , called Do not delete art.

From Brenda L. Crof’s Naabami (you will see): Barangaroo (my army) (2016-22)

And the work of the week for this episode is Naabami (you will see): Barangaroo (my army) (2016-22), a photographic project by Brenda L. Croft, in which she portrays other First Nations women and girls. Work is part of The National 4: Australian Art Now, a survey of several sites in Sydney. One of the show’s curators, Beatrice Gralton, talks to us about Croft’s epic series.

Art Basel Hong Kong, until March 25

• The Don’t Delete Art manifesto is available here

The National 4: Australian art now continues until July 23

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