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Stephanie Feinerman Inherited This Groovy 1960s Custom Sofa From Her Grandparents

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What makes a purchase “worth it”? The answer is different for everyone, so we ask some of the coolest, savviest people we know – from small business owners to designers, artists and actors – to tell us the story behind one of their most prized possessions.


As a fourth generation Angeleno, Stephanie Feinermann grew up with two major influences: design and entertainment. So when she returns to Los Angeles after earning an art history degree on the East Coast, she combines these passions by pursuing a career decorating TV and movie sets. After finding success in the field, working on shows like Shameless And Transparent, she slowly started taking on interior design projects on the side. She started by helping friends and her business snowballed from there.

Now she juggles two full-time jobs. Although Stephanie enjoys creating spaces professionally, she has always dreamed of applying her skills to her own home. She was able to realize that goal when she and her husband, Adam Reuss, purchased a 1957 Valley Glen ranch home last year. from library pony, the place has all the mid-century character they were looking for. Most importantly, the airy, white interior is a perfect backdrop for their collection of vintage heirlooms.

Stephanie, Adam and their puppy, Daisy, smile on the couch. Photo: Mike Pieters

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Stephanie’s most treasured item is the groovy curved sectional she inherited from her grandparents, who custom-made it for their Pacific Palisades home in the 1960s. “It was sitting in the corner, it was therefore perfectly aligned with their house”, explains Stephanie. “It was really fabulous, but it wasn’t used much. We use it every day here. It’s such a treasure and actually quite comfortable too.”

The sofa’s distinct, rounded L-shape is only eclipsed by its psychedelic orange and purple Schumacher fabric, which has since been discontinued. “I’m so glad it’s in fantastic condition because I would have been so sad if it had to be reupholstered,” Stephanie shares. “The fabric is just crazy. It feels so good.” Details such as subtly tufted seat cushions, piping along the edges and a dark wood base complete this special piece.

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