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from a monograph for an underrated pop artist to a book on Derek Jarman’s movie Blue

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Joe TilsonMarco Livingstone, Lund Humphries, 224pp, £45 (hb)

Joe Tilson trained as a carpenter aged 14, before attending art school in London with Frank Auerbach, David Hockney and Peter Blake, becoming an integral but underrated part of Britain’s pop art generation post-war. “Still going and still evolving, he has continued to explore many new directions and a wide variety of mediums since stepping away from his Pop roots,” a publisher statement read. Chapters broken down by decade include The 1980s: Unity and Integrity and The 1990s: The Crete Senesi and the Conjunctions. The monograph accompanies an exhibition of Tilson’s work at two London galleries: Marlborough (Modest materials and AZ box of friends and familyuntil June 3) and Cristea Roberts (Joe Tilson: breaking the rulesuntil June 17).

Joaquín Sorolla painting at the beach near Valencia © Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitu/Unsplash

Sorolla: a vision of SpainCristina Carrillo de Albornoz, Assouline, 272pp, £85 (hb)

This survey of late 19th-century artist Joaquín Sorolla, dubbed the “Spanish master of light”, highlights his tender family portraits and huge outdoor beach photos filled with grains of sand taken in the painting. “No one, not even Sorolla’s detractors, misunderstood the two essential characteristics of the painter’s work: his mastery of technique and his ability to reproduce sunlight,” writes Blanca Pons-Sorolla, the back -granddaughter of the artist, in the foreword. Many behind-the-scenes images show the painter at work, while the series of 14 paintings Vision of Spain, which was painted by Sorolla at various locations in Spain between 1912 and 1919, “aimed to recapture the beauty behind traditional Spanish culture before it disappeared”, explains the author.

A spread of Blue (2023) by Derek Jarman Pictured: Madison Carroll; Courtesy of David Zwirner Books

Blue (ekphrasis series), Derek Jarman, David Zwirner Books, 64pp, £10.95 (pb)

The Influential Film Blue– which shows only an unchanging blue screen – was filmmaker Derek Jarman’s last feature film before his death in 1994. “The voice-over, written by Jarman, consists of diaristic and poetic text documenting his AIDS-related illness and his near-death at a time when he had gone partially blind, his vision often interrupted by blue light,” writes former Tate curator Andrew Wilson. The script for the film is reproduced in this volume to mark Blue30th anniversary. “The abstraction of the work is not absolute, in the sense that the dense soundtrack is strongly concrete, with music, noises, whispers, voices speaking poetry or conversational prose. .a purring washing machine and a defrosting refrigerator,” Michael Charlesworth writes in the introduction.

Leaving Their Mark: Women’s Art from the Shah Garg Collection

Leaving Their Mark: The Art of Women in the Shah Garg Collection, Mark Godfrey and Katy Siegel (eds), Gregory R. Miller & Co., 267pp, $60 (hb)

make your mark lifts the veil on the collection of Californian collector Komal Shah and her husband Gaurav Garg, which focuses on modern and contemporary female artists. “Women, like many other marginalized groups, want to be seen as artists first, with their work transcending labels tied to identity,” Shah said in a statement. “It is well known that gender inequalities persist in the study, presentation and acquisition of works of art,” she adds. The book covers topics such as the development of abstraction, the role and importance of craft traditions, and artistic experimentation with new technologies. Featured artists include Jennifer Bartlett, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Trude Guermonprez, Jacqueline Humphries and Suzanne Jackson. The book is published under the auspices of the new Shah Garg Foundation.

Samuel RossWhite Cube, 138pp, £110 (pb)

Fashion designer, furniture maker and artist Samuel Ross is causing a stir at White Cube Bermondsey in London (until May 14), presenting a “series of abstract works that use imagery of crumbling landscapes and reclining bodies to explore the subject of black experience,” according to a gallery statement. The accompanying book highlights Ross’ eclectic body of work, from large-scale canvases 9 hours And 7 hours (both 2022) to his geometric sculptures inspired by the 1960s New Generation Sculpture group. Ross is known for his menswear brand A-COLD-WALL*, industrial design studio SR_A and his work with the late designer of American fashion Virgil Abloh.

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