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Luc Josserand: A Painter of Beauty, Fragility, and Imagination

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Luc Joss, or Luc Josserand in full, hails from France and was born in Firminy in 1964. Raised in a household where art and music were ever-present – with a father who painted and a mother who was a musician – his innate artistic sensibility began to take shape during his early years. Even at school, his distinctive pencil strokes set him apart from his peers, marking the emergence of his artistic identity.

From these early beginnings, Luc Joss embarked on an extraordinary artistic journey that has taken him from the classrooms of Firminy to the galleries of Paris. His story is one of passion, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of beauty, often manifested through the portrayal of the female form.

Growing up in an environment where creativity thrived, Luc’s innate artistic talent was nurtured by his family. His father’s canvas and his mother’s melodies painted the backdrop of his formative years. Even in his youth, Luc’s pencil strokes set him apart from his peers, hinting at the extraordinary talent that would soon emerge.

The shelves of his father’s library were adorned with art books that served as portals to the works of legends like Alphonse Mucha and Paul Delvaux. These early encounters with the world of art left an indelible mark on young Luc. He found himself captivated by the timeless allure of feminine beauty, captivated by the haunting portraits of Goya and Delacroix.

However, the artist’s path was not the first he envisioned for himself. In his teenage years, Luc dreamt of soaring through the skies as a fighter pilot in the military aviation. Yet, the allure of the arts was a siren song that refused to be silenced.

Luc Joss’s journey led him towards the realm of science. He pursued higher education, earning a master’s degree in physico-chemistry and an engineering degree. However, his love for painting remained unshakeable. Whether it was for personal satisfaction or to delight his friends, he continued to paint, with the allure of the female form consistently at the heart of his creations.

In 2002, the trajectory of his life took a significant turn when he participated in the Salon d’Automne in Paris, securing the second prize in painting in the ‘Young Painters’ category. This recognition served as a testament to his artistic skills. Yet, life’s demands were pressing; he was the father of a young boy, and his wife was expecting their second child. It was a time to put his artistic ambitions on hold.

However, Luc’s passion for painting never waned. In fact, it grew stronger with time. Painting ceased to be a pastime; it became a necessity, an intrinsic part of his life. He was his own harshest critic, often destroying his own works in pursuit of perfection.

In 2014, the Joss family moved to a 110 m2 apartment to the west of Paris due to professional reasons. However, this change in living space posed a challenge for Luc’s traditional painting. His studio was cramped, and the practice of his craft was compromised. This situation led him to embrace digital painting, a transition that initially he considered a minor development in his artistic journey.

Mastering digital tools proved to be a laborious endeavor, taking more than three years. In the beginning, Luc viewed digital art as a means to an end—a stepping stone in the creation of future oil paintings. Yet, as time passed, his digital paintings began to evolve, gaining depth and technical finesse. A critical question emerged: Could digital art stand as a legitimate art form in its own right?

Luc Joss’s exploration of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs provided answers to the unique challenges of digital art. The issues of uniqueness, ownership, and tracking of digital works found their solutions within these emerging technologies. Luc came to believe that these innovations held vast potential for both artists and collectors and had the power to disrupt the traditional art market.

Intriguingly, several of his recent works now incorporate references to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, highlighting his adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

It’s essential to note that Luc Joss has not forsaken traditional oil painting. He continues to practice and exhibit his oil works, demonstrating his commitment to maintaining a connection to his roots. During artistic events, his oils and digital prints harmoniously coexist, reflecting his willingness to embrace new technologies while honoring traditional methods.

At the core of Luc Joss’s art lies a profound fascination with the beauty of women. He once expressed, “There are women whose beauty fascinates me: their gaze, their smile, their pose, their outfit. My inspiration.” This reverence for feminine beauty is a recurring theme in his work, evident in his delicate and evocative portrayals of women.

In discussing his creative process, Luc Joss provides a fascinating glimpse into his approach: “One thing intrigues me. The women in my paintings are imaginary. I try to paint them as I would like them to be. I try! I see that they always end up escaping me and becoming alive. Watch them carefully! They have their own personality and their story, and I have nothing to do with it.”

Luc Joss’s artistic journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion and creativity. From his early influences to his embrace of digital art and blockchain technology, he continues to evolve as an artist. His work transcends mere representation, inviting viewers to explore a world where beauty, fragility, and imagination converge. In Luc Joss’s hands, the canvas becomes a portal to a realm where the mysterious essence of the feminine form comes alive.

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