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Mela M: Crafting Perspectives in Shaped Wood

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For over two decades, Mela M has been dedicating her creative energy to the intricate dance between shaped wood and the universal trichotomy of geometric waves, vibrational fields, and optic frequencies. Her work has not only graced the halls of institutions but has also traversed international borders.

M’s artistic journey is one defined by dedication and a connection with her craft. Her exploration of shaped wood, a medium not commonly associated with contemporary art, is notable. Two MFA degrees, including one from CGU in California, stand as a testament to her commitment to honing her skills and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

The artist’s portfolio reads like a world tour of creativity, with exhibitions in institutions such as the Hudson Valley MOCA in New York, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the CHIBA Museum of Art in Japan, the Mark Chagall Museum in Belarus, and the Long Beach Museum of Art in California. M’s work has graced over 200 venues, capturing the attention of art enthusiasts and critics alike.

One of her recent works, titled “Blue Ark of Angles with the Red of Our Ancestors (In Memory of My Ukrainian Grandmother Olga) 2023,” stands as a poignant example of M’s ability to infuse personal narratives into her creations. This acrylic on wood, presented in seven panels measuring 144 x 30 x 4 inches, is more than a visual spectacle. It is a metaphoric message of hope, a symbolic ark navigating the turbulent waters of our dystopian times.

The title itself invites contemplation, with “Blue Ark of Angles” suggesting both a celestial and grounded interpretation. The use of angles as a representation of countless perspectives that shape our world adds a layer of complexity to the piece. This complexity, however, does not alienate the viewer. Instead, it invites them to explore the nuances of the work and discover the subtle dance between the blue hues and the red accents that pay homage to M’s Ukrainian heritage.

In a spartan yet profound description, M explains that her work revolves around “multi-angled handcrafted geometric shaped wood workings.” This succinct statement captures the essence of her artistic language—geometric shapes meticulously crafted to convey a deeper message. The focus on the trichotomy of geometric waves, vibrational fields, and optic frequencies reveals M’s fascination with the intersection of art and science, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of these seemingly disparate elements.

As a college professor and curator, M not only creates but also imparts her knowledge to the next generation of artists. Her influence extends beyond the confines of her studio, shaping the minds of aspiring creators who seek to navigate the complex landscape of contemporary art.

M’s work has been featured in publications such as New American Paintings, ArtScene, Artillery, and the Crocker Art Museum catalog. These accolades are not just a testament to the aesthetic appeal of her creations but also to the intellectual depth embedded in each piece. M’s art speaks a language that transcends borders, resonating with audiences across the globe.

In a world where art often serves as a mirror reflecting the complexities of our times, Mela M’s creations stand as beacons of hope and contemplation. Her ability to infuse personal narratives into geometric shapes, coupled with a dedication to craftsmanship, elevates her work to a realm that transcends the ordinary.

As we navigate the intricacies of a world in constant flux, M’s “Blue Ark of Angles with the Red of Our Ancestors” serves as a reminder that art has the power to not only reflect our reality but also to shape our collective consciousness. In her spartan yet eloquent approach, Mela M beckons us to explore the angles, waves, and frequencies that define our existence and, in doing so, discover the profound beauty that lies within the geometric intricacies of life.

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