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Maryia Hliatsevich: Where Digital Art and Fashion Converge

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Maryia Hliatsevich, a digital artist, and her works are a testament to her creative prowess. Her artistic journey takes hand-drawn creations and transforms them into the digital realm. Every work of art she produces offers multiple options, making it as flexible as your imagination allows.

The striking aspect of Hliatsevich’s work is the ability to print it in various sizes and on various materials. This allows you to integrate her art into your daily life, whether it’s on your clothing or even furniture. Her pieces transcend their original form and become part of your surroundings while maintaining their distinctive features.

An essential element of Maryia Hliatsevich’s artistic philosophy is the limitation she places on the number of prints for each piece. This exclusivity ensures that her creations remain special. In a world where mass production often dilutes the uniqueness of art, this approach by Hliatsevich reinvigorates the sense of exclusivity in contemporary art.

One fascinating aspect of her work is the ability to combine her pieces into groups that create the illusion of a single art object. Alternatively, you can select a single item as the focal point of your space, creating a remarkable visual impact. This adaptability in her art opens doors to numerous creative possibilities for art enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

Hliatsevich’s passion for fashion design resonates strongly with her love for drawing. She understands the importance of comfort in clothing, a sentiment shared by many. Clothing, for her, is not just about fitting the body seamlessly into its physical surroundings; it’s also about adhering to societal norms and expectations while maintaining a sense of individuality.

Her fashion designs prioritize adaptability and freedom of movement. They cater to diverse styles and situations, accommodating all body types, genders, and ages. In a world where individuality and self-expression are cherished, her clothing is a form of communication, a statement to both the world and oneself.

She aims to help individuals stand out without being antagonistic, to be aware of societal norms while remaining unique. The primary feeling that her fashion line, Antanora, evokes is one of comfort and positivity. It’s fashion that lets you be yourself while ensuring you feel good in your own skin.

Now, let’s delve deeper into her project, Antanora. This project embodies her vision and creativity, bringing together art and fashion in a harmonious blend. In its first version, Maryia Hliatsevich employed eight artistic themes drawn from her paintings, four types of base fabric, and even added a hand embroidery option, showcasing the remarkable versatility of her concept.

The entire Antanora collection is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for a wide range of customization. The parts are interchangeable, letting you create numerous variations within any theme. You can opt for different lengths, from mini to maxi, experience harmonious shifts in the color palette, and explore changes in the texture of the main fabric. This level of adaptability ensures that Antanora truly suits your personal style.

Each theme within the Antanora collection is deeply enriched with images inspired by Maryia Hliatsevich’s paintings. These themes carry profound meanings, and while there are descriptions explaining their significance, Hliatsevich believes that each individual should find their unique interpretation.

Maryia Hliatsevich is not just an artist and a fashion designer; she’s also a collaborator. She is open to partnerships and cooperation to bring her innovative ideas to life. Maryia Hliatsevich’s works break free from the confines of traditional art and fashion and open up new realms of possibilities. Hliatsevich’s ability to seamlessly integrate her digital art into the world of fashion, and her commitment to making her creations unique and adaptable.


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