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Alberto Castiñeira: The Artistic Harmony of Hasu Art

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In the vibrant and culturally rich city of Barcelona, an artist by the name of Alberto Castiñeira, better known as Hasu Art, has been weaving a tapestry of emotions and sensations through his unique artistic expressions. Born and currently residing in Barcelona, Castiñeira’s journey as an artist is a testament to his unyielding passion for capturing the essence of life through various mediums.

In his early artistic endeavors, Castiñeira delved into the realm of realism, skillfully wielding graphite to breathe life into his creations. However, his artistic evolution took an intriguing turn as he discovered Sumi-e, an ancient style of Japanese ink painting. This transition was not merely a change in technique but a profound quest to encapsulate the profound emotions and sensations that permeate existence.

Sumi-e, with its roots deeply embedded in Zen philosophy, became the conduit for Castiñeira’s exploration of capturing the delicate dance of emotions on canvas. The artist not only exhibits his works in traditional settings but also engages in live performances, a sensory experience where the audience becomes an integral part of the artistic process.

What sets Hasu Art apart is his use of a colossal 1.40m brush during live performances, adding an element of spontaneity and improvisation to his creations. This unconventional approach allows him to seize the moment, translating raw emotions onto the canvas in real-time, inviting the audience to share in the intimacy of the artistic process.

Among his notable Sumi-e works is “Symbiosis,” a testament to the cosmic force that binds every element in the universe. Through delicate strokes and nuanced shades, Castiñeira captures the essence of interconnectedness, emphasizing the balance that exists from the microscopic to the cosmic. The artwork serves as a reminder that, despite our inability to always perceive it, a profound harmony permeates the universe.

Another captivating piece, titled “Observe,” beckons the viewer to contemplate the act of observation itself. Castiñeira not only elevates the significance of this simple yet profound act but also highlights how personal experiences and beliefs can shape one’s perception. Each observer, entering the realm of “Observe,” brings their unique perspective, unraveling different layers of meaning and emotion.

Beyond Sumi-e, Alberto Castiñeira has ventured into the realms of minimalist sculpture and acrylic painting, forging a multidimensional approach to what he aptly terms “Zen Art.” This amalgamation of techniques speaks to his continuous pursuit of reaching the very soul of the observer. His creations, diverse yet unified by an underlying theme of harmony, resonate with a spartan simplicity that belies the depth of emotion encapsulated within.

As one delves into Hasu Art’s body of work, a common thread emerges – the exploration of the human experience through the lens of Zen philosophy. Each stroke, each sculpture, and each canvas is an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, a silent dialogue between the artist’s soul and that of the observer.


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