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Emma Coyle: A Journey Through Contemporary Pop Art

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Emma Coyle, an Irish artist based in London, has spent over two decades on a career trajectory. Rooted in the influence of American Pop Art from the 1960s, Coyle’s work has evolved into a captivating fusion of contemporary fashion imagery, abstraction, minimalism, and negative space.

The Helwaser gallery on Madison Avenue in New York has been instrumental in showcasing Coyle’s talent, hosting a solo exhibition in 2022 titled ‘The Best Revenge.’ This exhibition ranked 12th in GalleriesNow’s prestigious ‘The 30 most popular exhibitions on now’ list worldwide but also earned Coyle recognition as one of Artnet’s ‘5 sizzling emerging artists. Coyle’s journey in the art world has been marked by accolades, including the International Art Market’s Gold List award, positioning her as a “top international contemporary artist of today.” Notably, her work has found a place in the collection of Dame Janet Wolfson de Botton, a past Tate Museum Trustee.

Tracing back to her roots in the 1990s, Coyle’s early exposure to 1st wave New York Pop Art laid the foundation for her distinctive style. Over the years, she has exhibited in various galleries in Ireland, participating in the Irish National Portrait exhibition in 2005 and earning praise as a ‘rising young artist’ in the Irish Independent.

One of the turning points in Coyle’s career was the inclusion of her work in Los Angeles curator Bridget Carron’s collection, ‘Power Pop,’ on Saatchi’s online gallery in 2014. Subsequent years brought further recognition, with her painting ‘12.16.07’ winning the Artness Magazine cover competition in 2018, securing the Artist of the Year 2019 Honorable Mention Award from Circle Foundation in France, and earning another Honorable Mention Award from New York’s Grey Cube gallery in 2022.

In 2019, Coyle’s painting series ‘12.16’ received a Special Artist Award from BESTART. The accolades continued in 2020, with her painting ‘Linda no.1’ receiving a review from Dab Art Co. in Los Angeles. The subsequent year brought a Finalist Award from Art Show International and a Distinguished Award from Canada’s ArtAscent Magazine.

Coyle’s recent painting series, ‘Linda’ and ‘Binary,’ challenges formal composition, introducing mixed white backgrounds for the first time in certain pieces. These works, along with her ‘Sw16’ series, are based on contemporary print media images.

In 2023, Coyle unveiled her largest painting to date, titled ‘Collective Selection.’ Spanning three canvases at an impressive 366cm (144 inches) wide, this monumental piece signifies a new chapter in Coyle’s artistic journey. Describing her approach to this project, Coyle emphasizes her commitment to making art that is of its time, eschewing nostalgia for a focus on the present.

Coyle’s dedication to experimentation is evident in the intricate linework of ‘Collective Selection [1].’ Departing from her usual minimal approach, the painting features a complex body of line, representing an evolution in her artistic style. The use of varied line work enhances movement within the image, creating a harmonious yet dynamic composition.

Color remains a crucial aspect of Coyle’s work, and ‘Collective Selection [1]’ is no exception. The artist meticulously laid down colors, experimenting with their interactions and remixing when needed. The result is a depth that permeates the painting, achieved through the expressive brush strokes and color mixing on the canvas.

Beyond her paintings, Coyle’s diverse artistic pursuits include still life in oils, an abstract painting project, woodblock prints, and photography using Polaroid and 120mm camera formats. Her wide-ranging interests, from Scandinavian 18th and 19th Century art to horticulture and film noir, showcase a multifaceted artist whose curiosity knows no bounds.


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