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Anuradha Nalapat: Painting the Threads of Life and Mind

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Anuradha Nalapat, born in 1967, is a multidisciplinary visual artist from India who uses the threads of art and words to chronicle the enigmatic dance of existence. “I am a chronicler of mind stuff,” she declares, encapsulating her essence as an artist in a world where life and art converge seamlessly.

Nalapat’s canvas is the matrix, that self-generating network that cradles our existence, often forgotten in the chaos of daily life. She sees the Earth as a unified, alive, and moving entity, intricately connected by the sparkling web of life. Yet, she observes how mankind, in a delusional mindset, has wreaked havoc on nature by perceiving itself as separate from this matrix.

Her work becomes a mirror reflecting the delicate ecosystem within and without. Suppress a force, and it will express itself elsewhere—a profound truth echoed in her paintings and writings. Her art becomes a commentary on the collapsing boundaries between man and the matrix, a return to connectedness, relationships, and the sacred space forgotten in the relentless pursuit of progress.

Nalapat’s philosophy delves into the rich reservoirs of mythology and culture, where the taste of the sacred still throbs. However, she acknowledges the dual nature of culture—a controlled environment fostering human growth but also a veneer that may need scratching. In this scratching, in this exploration beyond cultural confines, art is born—a glimpse into the eyes of the sacred.

“When ideas and concepts manufactured by the mind crumble, what seems to rise in its place is reality,” Nalapat muses. This reality, she believes, springs from the heart—the space that defines our unique individuality. In a world dominated by manufactured thoughts, her art becomes a vehicle for expressing the authenticity that emerges from the heart, the seat of our dharma and the path to true growth.

Her exploration of the divine phi ratio has birthed captivating paintings such as “Tortoise Nautilus Venus and Us.” These artworks delve into the mystical relationships between form, nature, and the cosmic balance. Additionally, her co-authored work, “The Little Book of Serendipity,” engages professionals in a discussion on intuitive intelligence and its manifestations in our lives.

Beyond her visual art, Nalapat is a facilitator of art experiential workshops, including notable contributions to the ABC Biennale Kochi in 2015 and 2023. These workshops, such as “Cell and I” and “Love thy Labyrinth,” map the mind-body pathway, exploring triggers, associations, and repetitive images—an intriguing journey into the labyrinth of the human psyche.


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