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Annie Sliwka: A Journey Through Lacquer, Light, and Harmony

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Annie Sliwka, born in Paris in 1946, is a French artist. Her studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués in Paris laid the foundation for her artistic journey, which has taken her across the globe, leaving a mark on the art world. Residing and working in Dordogne, Sliwka is not just a painter but also a designer, poet, pianist, and former lyric soprano—a true polymath.

Her artistic prowess extends beyond traditional mediums, and her expertise as a lacquer artist sets her apart. The medium of lacquer captured Sliwka’s heart during her formative years, and her sensitivity forms the very core of her work. Her lacquers are an extraordinary blend of poetic and metaphorical imagination, showcasing reflections that tantalizingly reveal without fully disclosing. Soft iridescent lights, gold laminated surfaces, and voluptuous quivering—her lacquers are successive metaphors of infinite beauty, capturing the crystal of the soul.

Sliwka’s career has been a testament to her artistic brilliance, boasting an impressive collection of twenty-nine prizes, including four international accolades. Notably, in 2020, she was awarded the Grand Gold Medal for Art Professionals by the Mondial Art Academia, Franco-Canadian.

One of her remarkable works, “La Cité des Chants de l’Aurore,” stands as a testament to Sliwka’s ability to transcend the boundaries of conventional art. A lacquer on wood diptych measuring 63 x 84 inches, this piece is a vaporous halo—an intimate exchange of morning songs melting into interstellar music. It conveys a message of love and welcome, directed towards other forms of life in distant galaxies. Sliwka’s work becomes a space for meditation, a sanctuary to reveal oneself in silence, fostering inner peace.

Attempting to capture the essence of her lacquers in mere words proves challenging, as the artist herself acknowledges. The description of her diptych reflects places of meditation, introspection, and prayer—where the wind freely sings through the foliage. These are spaces filled with serenity, where individuals seek unity with their souls and communicate themes of love and harmony amidst the immensity and light. The voluptuousness expressed through voids and spaces creates a unique poetic language that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional representation.

Sliwka’s artistic journey has been punctuated by exhibitions around the globe, from the USA and Switzerland to Italy, Russia, China, and her native France. Her works have graced venues such as the Espace Pierre Cardin and the Arche de la Défense. Notably, her participation in the Year of France in Japan in 1998 marked a turning point. A special exhibition at Sakurai showcased fourteen paintings, earning admiration from Japanese lacquer masters. This recognition led to subsequent exhibitions in Kyoto and Tokyo.

In conclusion, Annie Sliwka’s art is a mesmerizing journey through lacquer, light, and harmony. Her ability to weave poetry and metaphor into the reflective surfaces of her lacquers is a testament to her unique vision. Beyond the awards and accolades, it is her quest for pleasure, the exploration of true, good, and beautiful through metaphorical poetry, that defines Sliwka’s artistic legacy. Her work invites viewers to experience the softness and manifestations of a state where pleasure and harmony converge—an immersive voyage into the realms of the soul.

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