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John Varriano: Captivating the Human Soul Through Art”

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John Varriano, an American artist, invites us to explore his multi-disciplinary world of visual art. His work possesses the great ability to penetrate the depths of one’s soul, leaving a profound impact. With a skillful interplay of rich, vibrant colors and intricate layers, Varriano offers a carefully crafted exploration of the human psyche that leaves observers captivated.

At the heart of Varriano’s portfolio lie his figurative and portraiture paintings, where he excels in delivering unapologetic declarations of the human condition. For him, the beauty of his subjects is enhanced by the concealed depths that lurk beneath the surface. It is the shadows, both material and metaphorical, that provide the necessary contrast for us to appreciate the light.

Varriano’s abstract oil painting is nothing short of extraordinary. He unleashes a torrent of explosive forms, shapes, and textures with an exquisite balance of discipline and restraint. With each stroke of the brush, he navigates the realm of paint and ideas with a grace that suggests he is at home in the creative worlds he captures. Rather than aiming to shock and awe, Varriano’s work leaves us in a state of awe.

Born into a family steeped in artistic tradition, John Varriano inherited his artistic genes. His father, Angelo, was a great abstract sculptor and inventor, while both his maternal and paternal uncles exhibited significant artistic talents. His paternal grandfather, Giovanni, dedicated his later years to crafting large, classically proportioned vases adorned with intricate mosaics.

Within this artistic lineage, Varriano found his path. His cousin, also named John, teaches at The Arts Students League in New York City, while a younger cousin, Jon, has earned a reputation as a highly respected commercial graphic designer. Even a distant cousin named John has made his mark as an art historian and author of books on Caravaggio, Baroque architecture, and art.

Varriano’s journey into the world of art began at a tender age, as he was immersed in creative pursuits from childhood. At just five years old, he presented his father with a series of play-doh figures, which were met with a lukewarm reception. Unfazed, his father took him to Manhattan’s art district to procure oil paints, sculpting clay, art pencils, and other implements. This marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to honing his artistic skills.

Varriano’s father instilled in him the importance of using top-quality materials and the value of knowledge gained through experimenting with various applications and techniques. His childhood fascination with colorful comic book heroes found an outlet in his drawings, while his meticulous studies of the Renaissance masters, including Michelangelo, Caracci, and Raphael, paved the way for his enduring passion for this artistic era.

The influence of his father’s abstract sculptures played a pivotal role in his artistic development, fostering a profound connection with abstract expressionism. Varriano’s abstract paintings are a testament to his mastery of color, shape, texture, and tactility. They offer audiences a journey into the inner sanctums of their minds and the expanses of consciousness.

In his abstract works, Varriano delves into the realms of higher mathematics, physics, color theory, shape, harmony, and music. These elements play pivotal roles in the creation of art that goes beyond visual aesthetics. His paintings reveal worlds within worlds, the dance of form and movement, and the pulse of life within hardened stone as atoms move, collide, and reorient themselves. They unlock the secrets of antiquity and offer glimpses of the future, all layered upon one another, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony.

One cannot help but marvel at the virtuoso performance Varriano delivers with each stroke of his brush. His paintings are bold, magnificently orchestrated compositions that invite viewers to engage not just on an intellectual or emotional level but as a means to awaken the deepest recesses of their minds and the expansive aspects of their consciousness.

One of Varriano’s works, titled “Magi, exudes a mystical and magical quality. Through interlocking shapes, geometric patterns, bold colors, and dynamic lines, he immerses the observer in an abstract painting. His use of color is truly mesmerizing, as it both excites and soothes the viewer simultaneously. Varriano employs color with the finesse of skilled writers crafting words to convey messages, with deep blues forming a foundational backdrop upon which warm colors dance. The reds and oranges, in particular, exhibit a rich and diverse palette, while the white shapes appear to vibrate against the dark background.

In a world where art can often be intimidating and distant, John Varriano’s work stands as a testament to the power of art to speak to the human soul in a direct and deeply moving manner. His lifelong dedication to honing his craft, steeped in a family tradition of artistic excellence, has led to a body of work that leaves observers in awe. With each canvas, Varriano takes us on a journey into the depths of our consciousness, allowing us to explore the beauty and complexity of the human experience, and, for a moment, to touch the sublime.

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