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Steff Samuels: Capturing the Urgency of Climate Change in Art

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Steff Samuels, an abstract environmental painter, employs a variety of mediums to create pieces that not only visually depict the environmental crisis but also aim to evoke a deeper emotional response.

Samuels’ dedication to the cause is evident in her statement: “I am an abstract environmental painter focusing on climate change in all its forms and consequences.” This commitment is not just confined to the canvas but extends to her entire artistic process. A notable aspect of her approach is the use of non-toxic water-soluble oil paint, a medium that not only allows for artistic expression but also aligns with her commitment to environmental sustainability. Her studio practice, she emphasizes, strives to be as safe as possible for the environment.

The artist’s choice of mediums is as diverse as the environmental issues she seeks to address. Samuels paints on various surfaces, including canvas, wood, archival paper, and boards. Her toolkit includes cold wax medium, oil pastels, oil pastel pencils, ink, charcoal, acrylic mediums, and mark-making tools. This eclectic mix of materials reflects the complexity of the climate crisis itself, with its multifaceted challenges and impacts.

One of Samuels’ notable works, titled “Heat, Fire and Floods, Oh My!” not only captures attention with its intriguing title but also delivers a powerful visual narrative. This piece, housed in a private collector’s possession, is an 18” square oil painting on linen canvas with a depth of 2 inches. The dimensions themselves create a sense of depth and immersion into the urgent message the artist aims to convey.

The painting serves as the visual embodiment of the consequences of climate change. In a spartan yet conversational tone, Samuels describes the work as a portrayal of everything happening at once. The chaos depicted on the canvas mirrors the real-world implications of climate change, from extreme weather events to the undeniable physical harm inflicted upon nature and infrastructure.

However, Samuels goes beyond the tangible impacts, delving into the less visible but equally significant aspects of the crisis. She brings attention to the mental health toll on societies, emphasizing the emotional turmoil experienced when lives, homes, and livelihoods are disrupted or lost. In doing so, she adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, urging viewers to consider the broader implications of climate change beyond the immediate physical devastation.

Samuels’ ability to communicate the urgency of climate change through her art extends beyond the canvas. She actively seeks avenues for expanding awareness, employing various mediums such as exhibitions, written words, social media, and broadcast exposure. Her commitment to reaching diverse audiences is a testament to the belief that art can be a powerful catalyst for change.

In a world where the consequences of climate change are often discussed in scientific terms, Steff Samuels brings a humanistic perspective through her art. Her paintings serve as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of environmental issues with our daily lives, challenging us to confront the reality of a changing climate. Through a spartan yet conversational approach, Samuels invites us to engage with the urgency of the crisis and consider the profound impact on both the natural world and our collective well-being.

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