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Ad.inf: An Artistic Journey of Nature and Contrasts

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Sascha Markus Huth, an autodidact artist known by his pseudonym, ad.inf‘s journey from being an audio technician to a multifaceted visual and sound artist is a testament to the power of self-discovery and a ceaseless curiosity.

Ad.inf’s artistic path is unconventional, devoid of formal education or traditional mentorship. His high school days marked the last time someone attempted to teach him about art. Yet, this apparent “lack of proper education” has emerged as an advantage. It has granted him a uniquely unbiased and unfiltered approach to art, free from preconceived notions and academic constraints.

ad.inf’s journey as an autodidact, both in sound engineering and visual arts, is marked by a profound connection with nature. He attributes his deep appreciation of nature’s treasures to his father, who instilled in him a fascination for the intricate beauty of the natural world. Vegetation, rocks, driftwood, and the kaleidoscope of colors, forms, and patterns in these elements have been a lifelong source of inspiration.

Ad.inf’s passion for textures extends beyond the organic realm. It encompasses synthetic materials, analog patterns, paintings, photographs, and the digital domain. His creative canvas knows no bounds, encompassing both the analog and digital worlds. In his view, both are human-made, and thus, equally artificial. He is a true believer in the limitless potential of art, transcending the boundaries between the tangible and the digital.

This seamless fusion of the natural and artificial, analog and digital, forms the essence of ad.inf’s “digital deconstructions.” Through multi-layered editing and a subtractive technique, he skillfully processes textures primarily derived from nature photographs. The result is a surreal, at times hyper-natural impression, where boundaries blur, and the observer is left contemplating the intersection of the real and the fabricated.

Ad.inf is a man of contrasts, an individual who revels in the harmonious interplay of seemingly irreconcilable differences. He’s introspective, intuitive, and emotional, yet simultaneously possesses a straightforward, structured, and rational side. This duality might sound paradoxical, but for ad.inf, it’s a state of flux, a field of tension that he navigates effortlessly. Balancing contradictions is a part of his dharma, and it occasionally requires reorientation and realignment.

In both his visual and sound art, ad.inf’s approach is consistent. He approaches sound as an artist, a producer, and a musician. However, he doesn’t define himself as a traditional musician. Instead, his focus lies on sounds, noises, effects, and the overall auditory impression. He explores fresh colors, new forms, and innovative genres.

Ad.inf’s process involves working with field recordings, samples, rhythmic patterns, analog gear, software synths, algorithms, and anything else that captures his attention. He is an artist who collects, sorts, transforms, and recombines sound to create a rich auditory experience. Just as in his visual art, he embraces happy accidents, coincidences, and fragments as starting points, navigating the creative process by instinct and emotion.

For ad.inf, creativity is a deeply personal journey, one that reconnects him with his inner child. His creative flow, whether in sound or visual art, is driven by his gut feeling and emotions. It’s an exploration of textures, patterns, and forms that have fascinated him since childhood, a testament to his unquenchable curiosity and passion for the world’s intricate beauty.

In a world often defined by rigid boundaries and distinctions, ad.inf, or ad.inf, stands as a testament to the power of embracing contrasts, harmoniously merging nature and artifice, and following the creative flow that connects us to our innermost selves. His work challenges conventional notions, blurring lines, and invites us to explore the uncharted territory where the analog and digital, the structured and chaotic, intermingle in a beautifully intricate dance of artistic expression.


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