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Lidia Paladino: Mastering the Art of Engraving and Beyond

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Lidia Paladino, a distinguished artist in the realm of drawing and engraving, has etched her name into the art world through her dedication to textile drawing and relentless pursuit of mastering engraving techniques. Born out of a passion for the rhythmic beauty of nature, Paladino’s works stand as a testament to her artistic journey, which has unfolded over the years, marked by accolades and a commitment to experimentation.

In a career that spans mediums and traverses artistic landscapes, Paladino’s foray into engraving was a pivotal chapter. After dedicating a substantial period to Textile Drawing, she embarked on a quest to update her skills in engraving techniques. The result? A journey laden with artistic satisfaction, culminating in the prestigious First Municipal Prize for Engraving in the year 2003.

“Presencias,” a captivating piece from 1995, exemplifies Paladino’s unique approach to engraving. This particular creation resonates with the rhythm of nature, a recurrent theme that intricately weaves its way through a significant portion of her oeuvre. The engraving, crafted with a burin born from coconut fiber, stands as a testament to Paladino’s ability to extract beauty from unconventional materials.

The process itself is a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s mind. The coconut fiber, initially incorporated into a collagraph, found its way into a metal matrix, giving birth to “Presencias.” The resulting piece, with its dimensions of 50 x 80 cm, showcases Paladino’s mastery over the engraving craft and her skillful use of diverse materials.

Paladino’s artistic trajectory extends beyond traditional engraving, venturing into realms such as Handmade Paper and Reliefs with discarded materials. This willingness to explore the uncharted demonstrates her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. It’s a testament to an artist unafraid to let her creativity thrive in unexplored territories.

The simplicity and spartan elegance of Paladino’s work speak volumes. In her pieces, one finds a conversation with nature, a silent dialogue where strokes and engravings become the language. The deliberate choice of materials adds a layer of depth, transforming mundane elements into a canvas for profound expression.

Paladino transcends the two-dimensional constraints of the medium. ‘Presencias’ is not merely an image; it is a sensory experience, a visual journey through the artist’s perception of the natural world. The use of the burin and poupee in another matrix adds a tactile quality to the piece, inviting viewers to engage not just visually but also kinesthetically.

The year 2003, marked by the reception of the First Municipal Prize for Engraving, was a turning point in Paladino’s career. It wasn’t just an accolade; it was a recognition of her dedication, a nod to the mastery she had achieved in the delicate art of engraving. However, true to her spirit of exploration, Paladino did not rest on her laurels. Instead, she delved into Handmade Paper and Reliefs, creating a diversified body of work that attests to her artistic versatility.

In Paladino’s world, discarded materials find new life as components of her art. This commitment to sustainability and repurposing is a reflection of her broader ethos, where art becomes a medium for environmental consciousness. Through her work, she sends a subtle yet powerful message – beauty can emerge from the overlooked and discarded, mirroring the potential for renewal in our natural world.


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