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Ellen Steinfeld: Shaping Worlds Through Art

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Ellen Steinfeld‘s artistic journey is a testament to her enduring passion and commitment to her craft. Her creations have been chosen for public and private commissions that stretch from coast to coast. She has collaborated closely with architects and fabricators, a testament to the respect and admiration her art commands within the professional community.

One of the most notable aspects of Ellen Steinfeld’s career is her extensive list of commissions. Notable among these are the large steel sculptures for institutions such as the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Niagara Falls National Heritage Area, and the Lake Erie Seaway Trail. These monumental works not only stand as testaments to her artistic prowess but also offer solace and inspiration to those who encounter them. The ability to infuse art with profound meaning and healing power is one of the hallmarks of Steinfeld’s work.

But her artistic talents extend beyond the realm of sculpture. Steinfeld has also lent her creative touch to various hospitals, including Oishi Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, through her vibrant paintings. These pieces offer comfort and hope to young patients, transforming sterile environments into welcoming and colorful spaces. Moreover, her stained-glass windows for Christ Church in Detroit serve as a spiritual and artistic focal point for the community.

Ellen Steinfeld’s reach extends even further with her sculptures and paintings being featured in solo and group exhibitions in different museums and galleries across the United States and Canada. Her work’s inclusion in these prestigious spaces is a testament to its enduring appeal and the recognition it has received from curators and art enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, Steinfeld’s work has found its home in the permanent collections of different renowned institutions, including the AKG Art Museum, the Castellani Museum, the Burchfield-Penney Museum, and the New York State Museum. Her art also graces the Washington State Art Collection and the State of Florida Art in Public Collection.

One particularly remarkable moment in her career was when her work represented New York State in the Absolut Statehood Campaign. This prestigious selection showcases the state’s recognition of her artistic prowess and the unique vision she brings to her creations.

Ellen Steinfeld’s paintings, often described as “Other Worlds,” reflect her fascination with the beauty of nature, the elegance of movement, and the lyrical grace of dance. Her works are a journey into the realm of personal worlds constructed through art. With a deft hand and a discerning eye, Steinfeld interweaves shapes and colors, juxtaposing them with imaginary organic forms. These combinations create an otherworldly tapestry, where spatial relationships blend seamlessly, resulting in microscopic landscapes. It’s a subtle play on the boundaries between the world of the senses and the world of the mind, where forms and rules are suspended, and new worlds emerge.

In the realm of sculpture, Ellen Steinfeld’s work takes on the title of “Suspended Motion.” Working with steel provides her the exhilarating opportunity to push the boundaries of solid and linear forms, to balance them precariously, and to seemingly defy the laws of physics. Her sculptures are an embodiment of unrestrained energy, reflecting universal and non-representational forms. Within the curves and contours of steel, she implies the harmonious interplay between nature and the human-made environment. Abstract shapes are contorted, magnified, and poised in perpetual motion, echoing the artist’s profound fascination with the delicate dance of balance.

In Steinfeld’s world, there is a seamless harmony between the artistic and the elemental. Her sculptures evoke the beauty and chaos of nature, while her paintings transport viewers to ethereal realms that exist solely within the boundaries of her canvases. It’s a rare and beautiful duality, where one artist can create such diversity within her work, uniting it all under the common thread of suspended motion.


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