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José Antonio Pantoja Hernández: A Tale of Artistic Defiance and Freedom

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Born in Cuba back in ’71, Pantoja had a pretty down-to-earth start. He learned the ropes as a carpenter and woodworker, using old-school tools. But his heart was set on painting and sculpting. He found inspiration in some art books that mostly featured works by the greats.

Around 2002, his paintings started showing the regular Cuban life. He was part of a government-backed art group and got to display his stuff on the streets of Havana’s promenade. He’d sell just a couple of paintings a week to tourists. Over time, his art got a bit dreamy and serious. He began painting what he saw as “the Revolution’s mistakes.”

Then in 2011, a museum director in Mexico invited him to exhibit his work. Pantoja saw this as a chance to leave Cuba. So, he said goodbye to everyone and flew to Mexico with eight paintings. When he landed in Mexico City, instead of going to the museum, he took a bus to the U.S.-Mexico border and asked for political asylum. His daring defection story made headlines in 2011.

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Now, he lives and paints in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His art’s all about freedom and justice. His big masterpiece, “Animal Farm,” started taking shape in 2021-2022. It’s a massive oil painting on a big canvas. Pantoja started working on it on July 11, 2021 – the day Cubans rallied against the Castro regime.

In his own words, Pantoja says, “When I began my political art to protest against Castro’s rule in Cuba, I had no idea it would take me from Cuba to the Wild West – to the Gilcrease American History Museum. I just wanted to spread the message of freedom, especially for the innocent folks still stuck in Castro’s prisons.”

“Animal Farm” is a strong reminder of the fight for freedom in Cuba. It’s a tribute to those who stand up against oppressive governments, even when it’s hard. Pantoja’s art isn’t just about pretty pictures; it’s a call to action and a plea for justice.

In a world where art knows no borders and speaks to everyone, Pantoja’s story shows us how creativity, courage, and resilience can break chains. He went from the streets of Havana to America’s heartland, all because he used his talent to defy a repressive regime and show us the Revolution’s mistakes. His art keeps on inspiring and challenging us, reminding us that even in tough times, human creativity and courage can rise above it all.

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