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Sonja Kalb: A Journey in Colors and Compositions

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Sonja Kalb, born in Stuttgart, Germany, is a prolific artist whose journey through the realms of art has been as vibrant and diverse as the colors she wields on her canvases. With a background in Textile and Design, she holds a degree as a Dipl. Ing. Textile and Design and currently resides and works in Düsseldorf. Her artistic evolution reflects a deep-seated love for art and a compelling need to express herself through colors and compositions.

The early stages of Sonja Kalb’s artistic exploration were marked by a fusion of disciplines. During her training as a textile and design engineer, she delved into various forms of visual expression, ranging from photographs and nature drawings to nude and portrait painting. This multidisciplinary approach laid the foundation for her distinctive artistic voice, characterized by precision both in terms of artistry and craftsmanship.

Sonja Kalb underwent a transformative shift in her artistic style. Beginning with figurative painting, she transitioned to collage before ultimately finding her voice in abstraction. In her own words, she “reduces to the essential: shapes and the substance of colors.” This reductionist approach allows her to convey a profound visual experience, emphasizing surface structures, textures, strong contrasts, and expressive color choices.

Sonja Kalb’s means of expression are as diverse as her artistic journey. She employs paintbrushes and palette knives, oil crayons, pencil, and pigments to create layers that contribute to the complexity and optical depth of her paintings. Notably, she strategically leaves parts of the canvas open, offering viewers glimpses into the hidden layers beneath.

A significant source of inspiration for Sonja Kalb is her love for travel. The titles of her paintings often reflect the diverse sources of inspiration, subject areas, and concerns she encounters during her journeys. Her color worlds, she explains, are an invitation for viewers to embark on a sensuous journey of discovery, prompting thoughts and ideas of their own.

One exemplary piece that showcases Sonja Kalb’s works is “MAGIC OF FLOWERS III,” a mixed media on canvas from 2022 measuring 120 x 180 cm. This artwork is part of the “Magic of Flowers” series, initiated in 2018. Central to this series is the concept of “Boundless Beauty,” drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of nature and its myriad color schemes. In “MAGIC OF FLOWERS III,” Sonja Kalb captures the essence of nature’s beauty with a focus on the color red, symbolizing love. The artwork is slated to be exhibited at the Art Show Los Angeles.

One subtle yet impactful detail in the piece is a small heart nestled in the top right-hand corner. This addition not only serves as an artistic element but also echoes the words of Wassily Kandinsky: “Color is a power that directly influences the soul.” In this case, the heart becomes a poignant symbol, infusing the artwork with a deeper emotional resonance.

Sonja Kalb’s approach to her art is both conversational and spartan. She speaks through her compositions, using minimalistic yet powerful strokes to convey a rich tapestry of emotions and ideas. Her paintings, with their intricate layering and nuanced use of color, create a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, inviting them to explore the subtleties within the canvas.

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