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Priit Pajos: Weaving Mystical Narratives on Burned Wood

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Priit Pajos, a figurative painter and storyteller, whose art transcends the boundaries of traditional canvases and mediums. With a deep-seated connection to nature and a commitment to the mystical, Priit’s work beckons viewers into a world where the material itself becomes a part of the narrative. Born in the charming town of Türi, Central Estonia, his artistic journey has taken him on a path less traveled, one marked by a profound sense of connection and exploration.

Priit’s chosen canvas is far from conventional; he paints his stories predominantly on burned wood surfaces, employing oil and acrylic techniques. This unorthodox choice of material isn’t accidental; it’s an intentional and intimate connection he forges with the very essence of nature. The surface structure of the wood collaborates in the birth of each story, giving his art a unique resonance with the natural world.

For Priit, the entire creative process is a journey of mysticism, an experience he yearns to share with the viewer. He doesn’t see himself as the sole author of the forms, symbols, and characters in his works. Instead, he considers himself a silent intermediary, a conduit through which these elements are channeled from an original source, transcending the boundaries of his own imagination.

Priit’s journey as an artist began when he moved from his hometown to the university town of Tartu to study painting at Tartu University. This period of his life was marked by growth and evolution, with a significant turning point occurring when he briefly joined Konrad Mägi’s painting studio. This experience proved instrumental in shaping his artistic development and approach.

As he honed his craft, Priit began exhibiting his works during his final years at the university. Soon, he became a part of an artist group called Kursi Koolkond, and together they held regular joint exhibitions. Tartu, with its vibrant cultural atmosphere, became his home for a remarkable 15 years.

However, life’s twists and turns led Priit to a new chapter when he decided to move to Finland with his family due to economic reasons. This shift put his artistic journey on a long pause, and the identity of an artist almost slipped away from his mind. The spark of creativity still flickered, thanks to the Kursi Koolkond exhibitions, which “forced” him to create new paintings in a random and unconventional format.

It was in 2023 that Priit rekindled his identity as a “full-blooded painter,” breathing new life into his art. This revival coincided with a fresh discovery of the surface material—old, familiar plywood. Priit delved deeper into the possibilities it offered, infusing a renewed sense of vigor into his work.

Priit’s art can be best described as “shots from the middle of stories,” each piece a compelling narrative that arouses curiosity and contemplation about existence. The stories he tells are not confined to the realm of fiction; they bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious, inviting viewers to explore the layers of meaning woven into each piece.

Throughout his life, Priit has had a deep appreciation for epics and fairy tales. Growing up during the Soviet era, he had limited access to quality art, let alone original works. His fascination with art was sparked by his uncle’s German art book, which featured the intricate and detailed paintings of the Brueghel brothers. This influence would leave an indelible mark on his later work.

Additionally, the sight of Bernt Notke’s “Dance of Death” as a child in Saint Nicholas Church in Tallinn left a profound impression on Priit. In his twenties, he delved into biblical stories and Eastern religions, finding inspiration in the Bible and the enigmatic figure of Jesus.

Asian religions, particularly Indian religions, captivated Priit. The absence of a clear distinction between the epic stories of gods and the historical approach in Hinduism intrigued him. For practitioners, these tales weren’t mere fiction; they held a tangible reality, molded by the personal experiences of countless individuals.

Priit’s academic journey led him to explore the religions of India and Tibet, deepening his fascination with the nature of awareness and reality. This influence is evident in his work, where layers of spirituality, mysticism, and exploration converge.

One of Priit’s notable works is “The Crane Guru,” a mesmerizing 80x140cm acrylic painting on burned plywood, created in 2023. This piece encapsulates his unique approach, drawing viewers into the mystique of his art.

In Priit Pajos, we find an artist whose work transcends traditional boundaries, forging a profound connection with nature, spirituality, and the realms of the mystical. Through his stories, he invites us to explore the enigmatic narratives that weave through the material world, leaving an indelible mark on our own perceptions of art and existence.

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