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Patty Rodgers: A Painter of Poetic Light and Surreal Color

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Nestled in the heart of North Texas, Patty Rodgers emerges as an oil painter with a distinctive approach that seamlessly blends her academic training with a rebellious spirit. Born and raised in the Northeast, Rodgers’ artistic journey began at the North Truro School of Art on Cape Cod, setting the stage for a career that would evolve into a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation.

Rodgers’ formal art education at Simmons University and Rhode Island School of Design laid the groundwork for her unique perspective. While her roots lie in the structured world of still life and model set-ups, Patty Rodgers has forged a path that diverges from the conventional. Her academic training taught her to find fascination in the ordinary, crafting compelling compositions from the seemingly mundane. This foundation, however, serves as a springboard for her explorations into the realms of surrealism and expressionism.

What sets Rodgers apart is her unwavering commitment to using colors that mimic light. This distinctive choice creates an ethereal quality in her works, a testament to her keen observation and the influence of the Northeast’s unique light and landscape. Patty Rodgers draws from a deep well of inspiration, evident in her constant sketching and the translation of those sketches into vibrant, dynamic paintings in her Texas studio.

Despite her academic roots, Rodgers refuses to be confined by traditionalism. Instead, she proudly identifies as an expressionist, driven by the desire to capture emotion, presence, and the essence of a moment. Her artistic philosophy echoes in her own words: “I do not paint like a traditionalist; I like to create dynamic compositions of surreal color and abstracted shapes.”

Currently, Rodgers is immersed in a multi-faceted exploration of her craft. She delves into a series of cubist interiors, pushing the boundaries of spatial representation. Simultaneously, she captures the Floridian landscape from the vantage point of a condo, juxtaposing the vibrant colors of the region with her signature abstract style. In a reflection of her immediate surroundings, Rodgers also embarks on a series inspired by the views from her Texas studio window.

One of her recent artworks, “Retro Interior,” serves as a compelling example of Rodgers’ artistic prowess. This oil on canvas, measuring an impressive 48 x 50 inches, is a visual symphony of shapes and light. Rodgers reveals her process, saying, “I paint shapes of light upon objects and within spaces.” The painting, a collage of several drawings seamlessly integrated, becomes a visual journey akin to looking through multiple windows.

While Rodgers has a penchant for exploring three-dimensional spaces, she masterfully flattens them into a two-dimensional design. The result is a cubist pattern, reminiscent of frames in a film, creating a visual movement across the canvas. There’s a poetic quality to her work, an interplay of time and light that elevates her art beyond the physical into the realm of emotion.

The title, “Retro,” provides a glimpse into the artist’s mind. Rodgers explains, “I titled it ‘Retro’ because the colors remind me of pastel color themes of the 50’s.” In this choice, she invites viewers to not just see but to feel the nostalgia, the essence of an era captured in a contemporary artwork.

Patty Rodgers stands as an artist who blends the structured teachings of her academic past with the expressive energy of her present. Her paintings are not just visual feasts but windows into the soul of an artist unafraid to break free from tradition and immerse herself in the exploration of light, color, and emotion.

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