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Dubi Roman: Capturing Nature’s Spiritual Radiance Through Impressionistic Photography

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Dubi Roman, born in Haifa in 1957, is an Israeli artist whose roots in the holy city of Safed span five generations, influencing his deep connection to spirituality and geographical landscapes. Despite residing in Tel Aviv, the country’s bustling urban center, Roman consistently draws artistic inspiration from the untamed beauty of Israel’s trees, fields, and flowers.

Roman’s professional journey includes a substantial period of employment at Israel Educational Television, from 1983 until its closure in 2018. His personal life is marked by marriage and the joy of raising three boys, adding layers of depth to his artistic perspective rooted in familial and spiritual history.

In his pursuit of encapsulating the play of light in nature, Roman’s work goes beyond mere visual representation. His art transcends the physical landscape, suggesting a deeper, more mysterious light—a spiritual radiance emanating from nature itself. Despite the urban setting of Tel Aviv, Roman remains unwavering in his commitment to finding artistic sustenance in the simplicity of Israel’s natural scenery.

Roman’s artistic journey took a significant turn as he explored the realm of French Impressionism, particularly admiring Claude Monet’s unique worldview. This admiration fueled his quest to enhance viewers’ sensory experiences and convey the essence of nature across various dimensions. The culmination of this exploration resulted in Roman’s distinctive style of Impressionistic Photography.

Unlike many contemporary artists, Roman adheres to a minimalist approach. Armed with nothing but his old Nikon film camera, he creates impressionistic images entirely in the field—eschewing filters or digital manipulation. The stretches of wildflowers and the shadows of tree trunks in his work are not merely picturesque; they exude a spiritual luminescence, capturing the elusive essence of nature’s beauty.

In 2009, Roman embraced the digital age of photography, integrating Nikon DSLR cameras and modern equipment into his artistic repertoire. This shift allowed him to continue evolving his distinctive style while adapting to the advancements in photographic technology.

Currently, Roman channels his passion and expertise into teaching Nature/Art photography workshops. These workshops cater to small groups of creative photographers and provide private lessons for individuals with a flair for the artistic. Additionally, he offers a lecture that delves into his unique technique of Impressionist Photography, sharing insights into his creative process.

Roman’s life, both personally and professionally, has been a tapestry woven with threads of familial heritage, spiritual resonance, and a relentless pursuit of artistic authenticity. His commitment to nature as a wellspring of inspiration and his dedication to preserving the integrity of his craft make Dubi Roman a distinctive figure in the world of Impressionistic Photography.

As we celebrate Dubi Roman’s 1-year anniversary of imparting his unique vision through the lens, it’s a testament to the enduring power of art to connect us with the profound and the beautiful in the world around us.

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