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Mathilde Dubosc: Painting the Poetry of Existence

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Mathilde Dubosc, known by her artistic pseudonym mAAdi, is a self-taught artist since 2005. mAAdi embarked on her artistic journey with a commitment to “pure abstraction.” Her canvases, vibrant with colors and alive with surprises, bear witness to a creation that dances delicately on the fine line between abstract and figurative.

mAAdi’s artistic voyage began as a wandering exploration through landscapes and encounters with enigmatic characters, often rendered in shades of blue. This initial foray into the world of “pure abstraction” allowed her creativity to flow freely, embracing chance and spontaneity. Over time, however, mAAdi’s approach transformed. She transitioned from the dance with chance to a more deliberate observation and refinement of her artistic worlds. The result is a body of work that captures the beauties and ills of the world, presented in a storytelling manner that is both childlike and profound.

The heart of mAAdi’s painting lies in its ability to transport viewers into an imaginary realm while retaining a connection to objective reality. Her canvases are a testament to patience, inviting observers to explore the depth of her creations. The palette, a key protagonist in her artistic narrative, is skillfully sculpted by mAAdi. Sometimes light, sometimes dense, the colors take on a life of their own, guiding the audience through the intricate landscapes of her imagination.

One of mAAdi’s works, titled “Echoes of Origin,” stands as a poignant expression of her artistic philosophy. Intuitive and spontaneous, this painting unfolds as a narrative of human presence amidst the tumultuous currents of life. The title itself suggests a reflection on the origins of existence, with white symbolizing emptiness and blue representing the water from which souls and stories emerge.

In “Echoes of Origin,” mAAdi employs deliberate abstraction to create a face that gently imposes its presence. The intentional use of white and blue adds layers of meaning, symbolizing the void from which life springs forth. The canvas becomes a space where the artist grapples with the complexities of existence, using color and form to convey the torments and dizziness inherent in the human experience.

What sets mAAdi apart is her ability to infuse intentionality into her abstract compositions. The face in “Echoes of Origin” is not a random creation but a deliberate exploration of form within the abstract space. This amalgamation of intention and abstraction lends her work a distinctive character, inviting viewers to decipher the subtle nuances embedded in each stroke of the brush.

The juxtaposition of light and dense elements in mAAdi’s painting reflects her skill in manipulating color. The palette, a rich spectrum of hues, serves as a vehicle for emotional expression. As viewers navigate the canvas, they are met with a visual symphony that unfolds with each gaze. It is in this dance of colors that mAAdi invites the audience to partake in the beauty and complexity of her inner world.

In mAAdi’s hands, color becomes a storyteller, weaving tales of the seen and unseen. The narrative is not imposed but discovered, much like the artist’s own journey from pure abstraction to a nuanced exploration of the human experience. The childlike wonder that permeates her work coexists with a mature reflection on the realities that shape our world.

mAAdi’s paintings are not mere visual stimuli; they are portals into a realm where the imagination reigns supreme. Her ability to maintain a delicate balance between abstraction and figuration speaks to a profound understanding of the artistic process. Through her work, mAAdi extends an invitation to embrace the surprises and nuances that color our existence, reminding us that art, at its core, is a celebration of life’s intricacies.

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