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Baukje Spaltro: Illuminating Urban Narratives through City Spheres

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In the heart of Amsterdam, Dutch-Italian artist Baukje Spaltro emerges, marked by a fusion of Dutch precision and Italian flair. Her art unfolds in the vibrant strokes and bold palettes of her City Spheres project. Trained at the HKU in Utrecht, Netherlands, and the prestigious Accademia di Brera in Milan, Italy, Spaltro brings a unique blend of cultural influences to her canvas.

Since 2015, Spaltro has been engrossed in her magnum opus, City Spheres. This project delves into the intricate ‘sense of a place’ embedded in European urban landscapes, drawing inspiration from the Roman spirit of the location and the philosophies of Peter Sloterdijk. Rather than merely capturing cityscapes, Spaltro’s painted installations redefine cities as self-constructed local societies, where each stroke and hue is an exploration of the moment, place, and the dance of daylight.

The core of her artistic identity lies in the interplay of colors. Spaltro’s unique approach involves using fluorescent and tonal colors to create a visual symphony that resonates with the soul of a district. Her installations become vibrant ecosystems where colors, like characters in a narrative, tell the story of a place. The use of fluorescent surfaces, in particular, acts as a rebellious force against conventional thinking, compelling viewers to embrace a more intuitive perception of the urban environment.

One of Spaltro’s notable works within the City Spheres series is “Bürgersteig Number 4, Reichenbergerstraße Sidewalk” (2019-2022). The title, translating to “platform for the citizens” in German, offers a glimpse into the essence of the piece. Painted on an 80×60 cm linen canvas, the work is a visual exploration of the main street in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Through the interplay of fluorescent acrylics and markers as an underlayer, coupled with tonal oil paint above, Spaltro captures the spirit of this dynamic urban space in a symphony of color and texture.

In her ongoing series, “City Sphere Corvetto” (2022-2024), Spaltro presents “Cavalca & Via (Ride and Go)” (2023), a testament to her ability to capture the character of urban spaces. The piece, measuring 100×120 cm, unfolds on linen canvas with the same mesmerizing technique of underlayer fluorescent acrylics and markers, juxtaposed with tonal oil paint. The title, referencing the local name of an elevated highway in the Milanese neighborhood of Corvetto, encapsulates the socio-economic dynamics of a locale transformed by the piercing presence of modern infrastructure.

In the realm of contemporary art, Spaltro’s voice is not just heard; it resonates. Her tone, conversational yet spartan, mirrors the efficiency of her Dutch roots and the passion of her Italian spirit. There is no unnecessary embellishment; every stroke, every color serves a purpose, contributing to the larger narrative of the urban spaces she explores.

Baukje Spaltro’s work is not confined to canvas; it is an invitation to engage with the pulse of a city. Through City Spheres, she invites viewers to witness the soul of European urban areas, unfolding in vibrant hues and fluorescent rebellions against the mundane. As she continues to navigate the intersection of Dutch precision and Italian flair, Baukje Spaltro stands as a beacon in the contemporary art scene, illuminating the narratives hidden within the heart of our cities.

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