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Tibor Simon-Mazula: Navigating Dreams and Emotions through Intuitive Brushstrokes

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Hungarian artist Tibor Simon-Mazula stands as a beacon of intuitive expressionism, seamlessly blending his diverse background in mathematics, cinematography, and fine arts. His paintings, characterized by dream-like images and a unique approach to color, captivate viewers with their emotive power and profound connection to personal experiences.

Tibor Simon-Mazula’s artistic journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to intuitive creation. Seeking solace in the tactile aspects of painting, he immerses himself in the process, using it as a refuge from the external world. The canvas becomes a sanctuary where he trusts his instincts, allowing the lively and expressive action of painting to guide him.

The influence of his background in mathematics and cinematography is evident in the expressive portraits and surrounding spaces that grace his canvases. His works, often dream-like in nature, are a reflection of personal experiences, drawing inspiration from his wife, friends, and travel companions. The fusion of these diverse elements creates a tapestry of emotions, transcending traditional boundaries of artistic expression.

In 2008, Tibor Simon-Mazula embarked on a transformative journey, leaving Europe behind after a stint as an Art Director in Dubai. His fascination with the Bay Area Figurative Movement led him to California, where he pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. This relocation marked a pivotal moment in his artistic evolution, exposing him to new perspectives and inspirations.

The Bay Area Figurative Movement, known for its emphasis on figurative representation and bold use of color, left an indelible mark on Tibor’s work. The influence is palpable in his expressive portraits, where thick oil paint, bone ash, and marble dust intertwine to create a textured landscape. The resulting artworks, featured in prominent venues like MarinMOCA, fsuMoFA, Art Taipei, and SCOPE, showcase his ability to navigate the intersection of tradition and innovation.

Tibor Simon-Mazula’s distinctive color scheme, predominantly composed of various grays, sets the tone for his work. Far from being dull, these muted hues contribute to the creation of a peaceful atmosphere, inviting viewers to explore the intricate emotions embedded in each piece. The massive scale of his paintings further enhances their impact, emphasizing their purpose and allowing ordinary individuals to take center stage.

His subjects, depicted in heavily textured figures with restricted hues, convey the fundamental and universal emotions shared by people. Through seemingly insignificant adventures and settings, Tibor captures the essence of human experience, from the loss of a home to the search for safety, aspirations fueled by excitement, and the delicate dance between tranquility and delusion.

Tibor Simon-Mazula’s paintings depict actual everyday scenarios, offering a glimpse into the lives of real people in their natural surroundings. Whether it’s a single bather, a charming character on a sofa, a bending lady, or a family standing on the beach, each composition tells a story. The room runs round the still figure, creating a strict yet hidden composition that unravels the subtlety labyrinth of the feel of waiting.

The rough surface, drawn in wild brushstrokes, adds a layer of unpredictability and emotion to his work. Broken charcoal pieces left in the paint preserve the expressive and erratic characteristics of painting, giving each piece a raw and authentic quality.

In the artistry of Tibor Simon-Mazula, intuition becomes a bridge between the artist and the viewer. Through the tactile features of painting, he not only shields himself from the external world but creates a profound connection with those who engage with his work. The lively, expressive action of painting becomes a means of breaking through the grip of the world, offering a space for calmness and connection.

As his ongoing exhibition in Taiwan at Hann-Art Gallery unfolds, it becomes evident that Tibor Simon-Mazula’s journey transcends geographical boundaries, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore the universal emotions woven into the fabric of his art. In the quietude of his intuitive brushstrokes, a conversation emerges—one that speaks to the shared complexities of the human experience.

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