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Yan Kolos: Crafting Emotions Through Art

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Born in 1999 in Yekaterinburg, Yan Kolos graduate of an art school in 2016, where he honed his skills in academic drawing and the fundamentals of art, Kolos went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Ural Architecture and Art University in 2022. His artistic journey continued in parallel with his academic pursuits, culminating in qualifications in digital arts.

After the outbreak of war, Kolos made the courageous decision to leave his homeland, settling in Georgia. Despite the challenges of displacement, he persists in his artistic endeavors, delving deeper into digital art trends while maintaining a commitment to the traditional aspects of his creativity.

One of Kolos’s works is titled “Levitation,” created in August 2023. In this piece, he marries performance with the essence of art, seeking to communicate emotions to the viewer. The core emotions embedded in “Levitation” include surprise, confusion, a sense of loss, and fleeting oblivion that jolts the mind.

Kolos employs a free technique in the execution of “Levitation,” allowing his imagination to roam freely. The result is a portrayal of plant motifs transformed into an embodiment of a person’s inner voice. This is a voice that resonates universally, as each individual has experienced it at least once—whether upon learning of the loss of a loved one, discovering a serious illness, or facing the harsh reality of an impending apocalypse.

The choice of the title “Levitation” suggests a suspension, a moment frozen in time where emotions hang weightlessly in the air. It captures the fragility of the human experience and the ephemeral nature of emotions. Kolos invites the viewer to engage with the artwork on a visceral level, urging them to confront and contemplate the complex tapestry of feelings woven into the piece.

The spartan yet conversational tone of Kolos’s statement about “Levitation” mirrors the simplicity and directness often found in his work. He eschews elaborate explanations, allowing the art to speak for itself. The emphasis is on the raw, unfiltered emotions encapsulated within the piece, challenging the viewer to connect with the essence of the human experience laid bare.

Kolos’s decision to explore digital trends in art reflects a keen awareness of the evolving landscape of artistic expression. In an era dominated by technology and rapid change, he adapts his craft to embrace new tools while staying true to the timeless allure of traditional techniques. This dual approach positions Kolos as a dynamic artist who navigates the fluid boundaries between the analog and the digital.

Living in Georgia, Kolos draws inspiration from his surroundings and the unique experiences of his new reality. The resilience displayed in his continued artistic pursuits amid adversity speaks volumes about his commitment to the transformative power of art.


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