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Unveiling the Mysteries of Form: The Artistic Journey of Matthias ContZen

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In the world of sculpture, where art meets the tangible and the intangible, Matthias ContZen harbors an insatiable curiosity about the true nature of form. With a career spanning decades, ContZen has delved into the depths of artistic expression, drawing inspiration from the enigmatic patterns that shape the universe in both its micro and macro dimensions.

At the heart of ContZen’s artistic exploration lies a fundamental question: What is the origin of form, and why does it unfold in a way that follows a concealed, sacred pattern observable throughout the vast expanse of the universe? This question has been the driving force behind ContZen’s lifelong artistic research, leading him to forge a distinctive path in the world of sculpture.

In the early stages of his career, ContZen found inspiration in the raw beauty of nature itself and in the works of fellow artists who shared his reverence for the natural world. Influences from visionaries such as Henry Moore, Max Ernst, and Jean Arp played a pivotal role in shaping ContZen’s artistic sensibilities. Particularly intriguing was the approach employed by Ernst and Arp, known as Free Association, where the artist clears the mind to perceive the chaotic intricacies of reality. Through this contemplative process, one can catch a fleeting glimpse of the essence or “truth” beyond the visible, translating it intuitively into an inspired artwork.

ContZen’s artistic philosophy aligns with Plato’s Universe of ideas, which posits the existence of a realm beyond our material world—a world of forms characterized by perfection, beauty, and eternal truth. For ContZen, the challenge lies in approaching these eternal qualities and transcribing them into tangible matter, thereby bringing a touch of the divine to the earthly.

A significant turning point in ContZen’s artistic journey occurred about three decades ago when he encountered Joachim E. Berendt’s groundbreaking work, “The World is Sound.” Berendt’s theory, linking form to sound and frequencies, left an indelible mark on ContZen’s creative psyche. According to this theory, every form on Earth is shaped by sound, and the planets in our solar system are attuned to the precise frequencies and proportions of the musical scale. This revelation further fueled ContZen’s exploration, adding a harmonic dimension to his artistic endeavors.

One of ContZen’s notable creations, titled “PLANET 108,” stands as a testament to his artistic prowess. Crafted from the finest Portuguese marble, the sculpture measures an imposing 108 x 108 x 108 cm. It proudly resides in a major art collection in Miami Beach, with the identity of the Indian collector shrouded in anonymity.

The meticulous process of bringing “PLANET 108” to life reflects ContZen’s dedication to his craft. Weighing approximately 200 kg, the sculpture originated from a colossal 2000 kg block of the finest translucent Portuguese marble, courtesy of SOLUBEMA Portugal. Notably, ContZen’s hands, not computers or robots, shaped every curve and contour of the sculpture in a year-long, handmade process. Drawing on his unique abilities—marked by traits such as slight autism and Tourette’s syndrome—combined with over two decades of yoga and meditation practice, ContZen envisions the designs of his sculptures with closed eyes.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, ContZen’s commitment to the manual and the meditative stands out. His sculptures are not just physical manifestations but spiritual explorations, channeling the mysteries of the universe into tangible, awe-inspiring forms. ContZen’s wish for all beings to experience joy, abundance, and love echoes through the silent resonance of his sculptures, inviting us to contemplate the profound connection between form, sound, and the eternal truths that shape our existence.

*Special thanks to Dr. Leonor Veiga, an art historian and curator with a Ph.D., for reviewing some of the information in this article.

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