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Christian Counord: Sailing Through Colors with Tinted Cement

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Born in the heart of Paris, Christian Counord has found his artistic haven in the serene landscapes of the West Indies, specifically Saint Martin (F.W.I). His journey has been one of geographical and artistic exploration, from the departments of Lot and Vendée to sailing “the three seas” always between 22° North and 22° South. This geographical dance has not only shaped his worldly perspective but has also allowed him to sail on the high seas, immersing himself in the breathtaking marine vistas that now inspire his artistic endeavors.

Counord’s artistry is not confined to traditional mediums; he has embraced a unique technique through Cem’art, a method that ingeniously combines form and structure, color and shadows. The perceptible volume of cement, typically a tool of builders, transforms into a canvas for this artist, merging the tangible and the abstract in a dance of creativity.

The heart of Counord’s work lies in the application of tinted cement, bringing to life vibrant and evocative pieces that capture the essence of magical moments. Take, for instance, one of his paintings—an artwork created with tinted cement. In this piece, he offers viewers an interpretation of colors, skillfully capturing the enchanting ambiance of a magical evening’s conclusion.

Picture a sail gracefully gliding through a sea of calm, eclipsing any other view. Counord’s art is a testament to his ability to distill profound beauty from the ordinary. The image of the sail becomes a metaphor for tranquility and poise, a quiet strength that resonates with viewers. It’s not merely a depiction of a sailing vessel; it’s an invitation to escape into the serene waters, to feel the gentle sway of the waves, and to witness the world in a moment of perfect stillness.

The choice of tinted cement as a medium adds an intriguing dimension to Counord’s creations. The play of colors, intricately blended, mirrors the hues of the setting sun casting its warm glow upon the sea. It’s as if Counord has harnessed the very essence of twilight, encapsulating it within the texture of his paintings. The tangible nature of cement further intensifies the visual experience, creating a tactile connection between the viewer and the art.

Counord’s dedication to capturing the subtleties of the natural world is not limited to the sea alone. His artistic gaze extends to the expansive landscapes surrounding him, finding inspiration in the lush greens, the azure skies, and the vibrant flora of the West Indies. Through the lens of his unique technique, he invites us to witness the harmony of nature, where color and form converge to create a mesmerizing visual symphony.

The amalgamation of form and structure in Counord’s work is a testament to his artistic prowess. The cement not only serves as a canvas but also adds a sculptural quality to his pieces. Shadows, cast by the perceptible volume of the material, contribute to the depth and dynamism of the compositions. It’s a delicate balance, a dance between light and shadow, color and structure, that elevates Counord’s art beyond mere representation.

Christian Counord’s artistic journey is a celebration of the marriage between the organic and the man-made, a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and human ingenuity. Through his Cem’art, he has not only created a distinctive visual language but has also invited us to explore the world through his eyes—a world where sails dance in calm seas, and colors capture the essence of magical moments at the edge of the day. In this convergence of elements, Counord invites us to pause, appreciate, and find solace in the simple yet profound beauty that surrounds us.

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